About Blackbutterfly Cards

I started making cards for pleasure in 2007, and quickly found my home was becoming swamped by cards everywhere. I decided to put some of them up for sale on a webpage in an effort to recoup some of the costs of my hobby. I called the webpage Blackbutterfly Handcrafted Cards, and it can be found at http://www.blackbutterfly2007.co.uk/

I try to take my cards to a couple of table sales or craft fairs a year, but make my cards mainly for friends and family. I would love the website sales to take off, as I nowhere near cover the costs involved in this all absorbing hobby, but for me the main thing is the pleasure I have in making my cards.
Recently I have decided to expand my blog to cover my other interests too. It's a sort of substitute for going to work and chatting to people, as due to ill health I was unable to work, and since the beginning of 2014 I am officially a pensioner.
Although I'll still show my cards, I'll also be covering my other interests and how I attempt to make ends meet day by day.

In fact anything that crosses my mind will be on here, so be prepared for waffle and a wasted five minutes as you read.
Make coffee and settle in, why don't you?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Still Holding My Breath...........

I'm still waiting to see if my move will go through. I've started to pack my books and dvd's into boxes, but I'm a bit scared that I may be tempting fate by doing so. I just wish I knew what was going to happen. Do the relevant Housing Associations have no idea what they are putting me through...............??  *sighs*......and would they care if they did?

A repost from Mo's Digital Pencil

I am just pasting a post from Mo's digital pencil as the subject she has written about is seriously important. So much so, that anything I can do to help spread this message from her,  I will do.  I only wish I had the talent of a digital artist. It's not as tho' the images they produce are expensive, so why steal?  Anyway, she says it far better than I could. . . . .

Letter to The Craft Club (and to all others "sharing" images on Pinterest and elsewhere)

Hey there, this is Mo Manning from Mo's Digital Pencil.  -- I see by your blog posts as well as your posts in your Facebook Group that you are a nice person who tries hard to do right.  I see that you're active in a lot of charities, and that you love your family and friends.  So I'm assuming that you don't understand that you are stealing from me.  But I'm writing today to tell you firmly that what you are doing is ABSOLUTELY stealing, and this must stop because you, my dear, are personally helping to put companies like mine out of business.

It is against the law for you to upload images you don't own the copyright to to the internet for others to share. (In fact when you agree to the terms of use for Pinterest, or Facebook or Flickr, Photobucket, NING, or any other online host, you are promising not to upload any material you do not own the copyright to.)

As I said, I'm sure you hadn't considered that this type of "sharing" might be a criminal act, but the law does see it that way.  Even more importantly in my opinion, is that it's so morally wrong -- and I would think, by your talk of "care packages" and "troops" and "mother's day" you would agree with me. 

Think about it.  Every image that you pass around on Pinterest or in a group like this, or via email is then passed around again by the people who get it free from you.  Pretty soon -- and I am telling you this from my own depressing experiences this year -- nobody needs to buy the stamp anymore because it's available for FREE thanks to you.  Some of what "USED TO BE" my most popular images (including the one you have in your album here) no longer sell  in my shop.  My income has dropped more than 30% this year.  Can you imagine if someone suddenly cut off 1/3 of your income?  Would you be able to pay your rent?  Feed  your children?

Now look at the huge collection of Magnolia "digis" you say are from your personal collection.  I've seen those all over Pinterest, so I'm pretty sure you mean you collected them from Pinterest and did not scan in the stamped images yourself.   Now the thing is that Magnolia does not create digital images at all, so someone (or many someones) have scanned in all their stamped images and are sharing them as digis.  EVERY SINGLE digital Magnolia image you see or share is STOLEN.  A customer may not make their own "digi" from a rubber stamp.  If you want the digital version, buy it from the store.  If the company doesn't make digital stamps, you are just out of luck -- just as you'd be out of luck if a book you wanted only came in hardback and wasn't available for your e-reader.  (Or maybe you could write to the company and suggest they sell some of their images in digital form.)

Digital stamps -- even ones given as "freebies" are not allowed to be shared except by the artists themselves.  It is NOT OKAY to share a freebie on Pinterest or anywhere else.  Stealing an image from an artist is "as bad" as shoplifting, and even more harmful as then our work is copied and shared by countless others thanks to that first illegal share.

Let me repeat -- there should not be a SINGLE ONE of my, or any other stamp companies' unwatermarked (neither colored nor black and white) stamp images either posted, sent or shared online by crafters.  Anywhere. PERIOD.

Is that so hard to understand?

So, my dear, I hope you take my words to heart - and I mean that.  Because until all crafters (no matter how nice they are in real life) realize that art is NOT FREE --and until they stop sharing and stop using images they haven't paid for -- crafters like you are personally responsible for destroying the businesses of already struggling artists.  It's not fair to the artists, and it's not fair to our "real" fans who do pay for the art they love and want to use.


Good for you MO!

Monday, June 10, 2013

I hardly dare to think about it............

..........but we think we may have found a new swapper to exchange houses with. We've both filled the paperwork in, and sent it off to the relevant housing associations. Today my housing officer came around to do an inspection of the flat and passed it as in fit condition to exchange. Now I just have to wait and see if I'll be accepted by the other authority.

As luck would have it we found a place in Shoeburyness, close to a couple of Jo's friends, my father, and Jo's Dad. The other end of the same road as it happens, so that all works out rather well. There is a small garden, but enough to grow a few things in, and let me sit out with the dog on a fine day. What more could I need?
I'm hoping to grow some espalier fruit trees along the brick wall at the end. The garden faces south so those walls should get nice and warm........Although the garden is only about 14 foot deep, I think it will be plenty for me as I get older. Unless I win the Lottery ( not likely) this hopefully will be my final home........always supposing I get it in the first place!!  Once again please................fingers crossed.