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I started making cards for pleasure in 2007, and quickly found my home was becoming swamped by cards everywhere. I decided to put some of them up for sale on a webpage in an effort to recoup some of the costs of my hobby. I called the webpage Blackbutterfly Handcrafted Cards, and it can be found at http://www.blackbutterfly2007.co.uk/

I try to take my cards to a couple of table sales or craft fairs a year, but make my cards mainly for friends and family. I would love the website sales to take off, as I nowhere near cover the costs involved in this all absorbing hobby, but for me the main thing is the pleasure I have in making my cards.
Recently I have decided to expand my blog to cover my other interests too. It's a sort of substitute for going to work and chatting to people, as due to ill health I was unable to work, and since the beginning of 2014 I am officially a pensioner.
Although I'll still show my cards, I'll also be covering my other interests and how I attempt to make ends meet day by day.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ruby Wedding Order

I finally finished the Ruby wedding card, and I've posted the pictures off to the client to see if she is happy, or wants something changed ( or, worst case scenario........EVERYTHING changed!). I've not heard back yet, so I'm beginning to worry.........lol.

Anyway, I decided to post the pictures despite not hearing, and if I have to change the card, we'll have a before and after session!!

I was sent a couple of original photo's to use on the front, and one of my earlier cards from my bespoke gallery was chosen as a layout. The wording was also chosen by the client. This is what I've produced so far

The other photo I altered in my graphics programme and used on the insert. Then I found a verse that I thought might be suitable on

The front of the card is decorated with Roses and Cherry blossoms & Baby's breath from Wild Orchid Crafts, all in shades of red & burgundy.

The outside edge has been cut back and given a strip of ruby pearlescent card, over which I have laid a length of white Guipure Lace , also from WOC. A strip of burgundy satin ribbon has been woven through the length of it.

The wording was printed in Coventry Garden font and the labels raised on pads, as was the main image.

I hope you like it, and please comment..........it's lovely to hear views on my work.


  1. Hi there I think that your card is fabulous and I hope thaat when it's my Ruby Anniversary later this year that DH and I get a card that is so lovely. Anne (DAnma)

  2. It's absolutely stunning! I would think they'll be well pleased with that!
    I love the insert too, the photo adds so much to it.


  3. I can't see why your customer would not like it, it's perfect for the occassion ad the photos add the extra special touch :)

  4. I had a link on my blog telling me about your Ruby Wedding Order so thought I'd pop over and have a look! (still don't know how to make those links) It's fabulous! Love everything about it, only my Coventry Garden font doesn't look anything like yours, which is a shame,coz I like your so much more! I'm going to have to keep hunting for it! Thanks for your visit! ((lyn)

  5. ohoo just spotted the font on the front of your card is the same as my Coventry Garden, but do you know what the font on the inside is?

    1. Sorry I haven't replied sooner Lyn..........I've not been able to get onto the computer properly for months, and the blog got deserted I'm afraid. I'm hoping I'll be able to sit and work this year, which has been impossible for months. Actually thought I might have to eat my Xmas dinner lying down..............ha ha ha!!............but (fingers crossed)....improving slowly now.

      As to your query.........the font inside that card was Black Chancery, looks completely different in red doesn't it??

      By the way...........if you go to the blog again, I'm updating it, but only a little each day as sitting too long is still a problem, So if it looks messy, please bear with me ..........thanks!

  6. Lovely - the font is particularly nice on the front of the card and I love the flowers too